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Skating Parties

Suggestions on how to run a successful roller-skating party:

  1. Schedule the party location, well in advance.  Be sure there are no conflicts for use of the gym.
  2. Publicity.  Display flyers around the school at least two weeks before the party.
  3. Sell Tickets in Advance.  This gives you a count of the number of skaters who will be attending the party and there is less confusion on the day of the party.  (You may want to make provisions for walk-ins, especially for evening parties.)
  4. Dismissal from classes.  For after-school parties, dismiss classes in an orderly manner or set up a system so skaters receive skates efficiently and with a minimum of confusion.
  5. Chaperones and Adult Volunteers.  Have volunteers help maintain order outside and inside the skating area.   There should be one adult who is responsible in case there are any disciplinary problems.  For younger skaters, there should be additional volunteers in the skating area to walk along side the young skaters.  Older skaters can help the younger skaters. 
  6. Have refreshments if possible.  Children enjoy having pizza or other snacks.  Some schools use the refreshments as a form of fund-raising, others include it in the event price. 


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