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 Roller Derby took center stage in 2006 when A&E debuted its reality show, Roller Girls. The show follows the Lonestar Rollergirls both on the track and throughout their personal lives. 


·         Check out the new music video, “Little Razorblade” by the Pink Spiders at www.pinkspiders.com.


·         Robby Love, the Roller Rapper, kicks off his cross country skating tour on Route 66 in July 2006 (www.rollerrapper.com).


·         Jessica Simpson’s 2006 music video for "A Public Affair,” features the singer roller skating and having fun with her girlfriends. The single is on her upcoming album, 'And The Band Played On' which will be released in August.


·         A 2006 MTV ad features an animated roller skate that is referred to as, ‘cheap skate’.  The skate is supposed to be a 14-year old girl who is super popular (in her own mind) and obsessed with getting free ring tones.


·         Actor Damon Wayans will highlight roller skating in an upcoming episode of “The Underground” on Showtime.


·         2004 NBA Slam Dunk champion Fred Jones credits roller skating with his incredible vertical leap. According to Jones, he developed strong leg muscles and learned some of the acrobatics from his days on roller skates.


·         Olympic gold medal speed skater Derek Para started his career on roller skates before switching to ice skates to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games where he medaled.


·         Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono began competing in quad skates before switching to ice blades to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He medaled at the 2002 Winter Olympics and won three medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics.


·         Grammy winner and pop music star Beyonce Knowles hosted her 21st birthday party at a skating center in Atlanta. See pictures of her party at:


During a July 2005 episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” on Bravo, the cast threw a party at a
New York City roller skating center for a father featured on the show with his ten foster children. 



·         Actor John Stamos threw a 30th birthday party for ex-wife, model and actress Rebecca Ramijn, at a skating center in Los Angeles.


·         A 2004 ad from the Canadian jeans company, Bootlegger, featured models visiting a roller skating center. 


·         Actress Kim Bassinger has hosted star-studded birthday parties at a skating center in California.


·         Actor turned Talk Show Host Tony Danza mentioned in 2004 on his show that he has a goal to skate in every state of the union.


·         Rapper Missy Elliot sported quad skates in her music video, Work It. The musicians from Matchbox 20 shot their most recent video in a roller rink where they skated on quad skates.


·         Actress Melissa George, who plays Lauren Reed on ABC’s “Alias”, began roller skating at the early age of five and placed second in the junior world skating competition at 14.


·         Chi McBride, Bow Wow, Wesley Jonathan and Nick Cannon starred in the 2005 roller skating–themed movie, “Roll Bounce,” produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures.


·         R&B artist Ciara hung out as a teenager at a local roller skating rink in Atlanta where she danced with friends.


·         Olympic skater Shani Davis is a former roller skater from Chicago. He was the first African-American to qualify for the U.S. Olympic speed skating team and the first to win a medal at the Olympics. Davis earned two medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics.


·         Singer Lil’ Kim loved to roller skate in her hometown of Brooklyn.


·         Australian television star Paris Abbott (TV’s “Wild Kat”) is a former roller skater and national ice skating champion.


·         In 2005, Apple produced a television commercial to promote iPod and iTunes. The commercial featured several skaters on quads. 


·         Actress and former Miss USA (1995) Shanna Moakler (TV's "Pacific Blue" and movies such as "The Wedding Singer" and "Love Stinks") was a competitive roller skater for 12 years.


·         Actress Erika Page, who played Roseanne Delgado on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” is an accomplished athlete who roller skates in her spare time. She is married to country music singer Bryan White.


·         Mastercard ran an ad in 2004 featuring a child skating in a roller skating center.


·         Actress Nicole Eggert, Actor/Director Robert Townsend, Actor Michael Richards and Actress Valerie Bertinelli have all roller skated.


·         Actor Jason Alexander roller skated on a 2004 episode of the Ellen Show.


·         Singer Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters has held birthday parties for her kids at an L.A. skating center.


·         Singer Janet Jackson has skated numerous times at an L.A. area skating center. She used several skaters from the skating center in one of her videos for her Rhythm Nation album. Her choreographer for this album, Anthony Thomas, was a frequent skater at the same skating center.


·         An L.A. area skating center has been frequented by Actor Martin Sheen, Actor Emilio Estevez, Actor Charlie Sheen, Actress Jane Seymour, Singer Donna Summer, Singer Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, Singer Kenny Loggins, Singer Dee Dee Kahn, and Game Show Host Gene Rayburn.


·         A fashion layout in a 2003 edition of the magazine, TeenProm, featured models in prom dresses and quad roller skates.


·         Actress June Allison is a small partner in an L.A. area skating/bowling center.


·         In 2004, Coca-Cola began airing a Diet Coke commercial featuring people skating on quad roller skates.


·         An episode in 2004 of “My Coolest Years” on VH1 featured roller skating.


·         Singer Vickie Winans roller skates in her video for the song “Happy and You Know It.”


·         In the 2005 movie, “Man of the House”, Tommy Lee Jones’ characters, and the cheerleaders he is protecting, go roller skating at a Texas roller skating center. 


·         A 2004 Best Buy ad featured a father and daughter on quad roller skates.


·         Hello Kitty got into the act in August 2005 when Namco created the “Hello Kitty Roller Rescue” game for the Nintendo GameCube. The lovable character dons pink roller boots as she skates her way through the video to rescue her friends.


·         The video for the song “Time” by country music group, Greencard, takes place in a skating rink.


·         Olympic medalist Chad Hedrick grew up roller skating in his parent’s skating center in Texas. Hedrick was an inline champion that switched to speed skating on ice for the 2006 Winter Olympics. He won three medals at 2006 Olympics.


·         NASCAR driver Morgan Shepherd is an avid roller skater (www.morganshepherd.com).


·         In a 2006 episode of the VH1 television show, Flavor of Love, the contestants go on a date at a roller skating center.


·         A 2006 commercial for the new Ford Fusion features a woman roller skating outdoors on quad skates.


·         Madonna’s 2006 music video for the hit single, Sorry, from Confessions on a Dance Floor featured the pop queen roller skating at a skating center.


·         The 2004 Bratz Flash Back Fever Collection featured Yasmin, an ultra-hip doll decked out in full 80's roller-boogie style, complete with two sets of roller skates.

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